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From new construction to renovations, ICPE’s structural engineers provide safe, code compliant and econo

From new construction to renovations, ICPE’s structural engineers provide safe, code compliant and economical designs within established budget and schedule parameters. Using client and local building department input/review, we develop structural requirements and design criteria to be used throughout the design of the project. During construction, we provide engineering support, review and approve shop drawings and material submittals, provide clarifications and resolve field problems.

Typical services include:

Foundation systems with spread footings, deep foundations, retaining structures, tunnels and underpinning.  Superstructure systems comprised of structural steel, reinforced concrete, timber and masonry construction.​

Lateral load resisting systems for wind and seismic loads, consisting of rigid frames, braced frames, shear walls and diaphragms.  Condition surveys and code upgrades including seismic rehabilitation.  Site inspections, steel connection design, vibration analysis, and plant safety.  

Typical Work Products:

Specifications for geotechnical investigation work, analysis of geotechnical data and topography to establish design parameters for the foundations work, design criteria document, bill of quantities for structural materials, structural engineering and design of the foundations for equipment and structures including processing/manufacturing equipment foundations, building foundations, cooling tower and tank foundations, electrical equipment foundations, dynamic analysis of equipment foundations, structural engineering and design of the plant buildings including the structural steel roof and floor systems, engineering and design of steel structures including pipe racks, platforms, stairways, and handrails, including conventional and modular design, Finite Element Analysis of foundations and structural systems, seismic analysis and design of buildings and structures, including soil-structure interaction, feasibility studies and analyses in support of overall plant design, specifications for civil, structural, and architectural materials, peer reviews and Owner’s Engineer technical reviews, analysis and design of existing buildings and structures for renovation and rehabilitation projects, 3D modeling of structures and foundations, visual inspections of structural systems, specifying and coordinating testing, providing repair and replacement recommendations, producing bid packages to perform the work and overseeing repairs. 

Key Software and Tools:

  • CADWorx – 3D modeling

  • AutoCAD

  • RISA 3D – Structural analysis and design

  • L-Pile – Foundation design

  • DYNA – Foundation design and vibration analysis

mical designs within established budget and schedule parameters.

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