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A Comprehensive Approach

Preconstruction is one of the most valuable tools ICPE can provide to you. ICPE’s preconstruction services provide a formal approach for assisting you in developing definition, scope, cost, and schedule as early as possible with the most efficient use of resources and money to execute your capital and/or maintenance projects. Our comprehensive preconstruction services assist you with project scope development, constructability reviews, value engineering, and preparation of construction costs. All of our construction cost estimates are prepared in-house by our professional estimators, and we supplement these estimates with pricing from project specific, pre-qualified subcontractors and marketplace pricing. All preconstruction services are client-specific and are tailored to meet the particular requirements of each project. Our preconstruction efforts ultimately help you determine if your projects are viable or not. If viable, the preconstruction services define the scope of work enough to determine a budget cost and schedule for each project.

Using ICPE’s integrated design and construction capabilities, our team works together with you from the initial assessment phase to prepare a preliminary design that focuses on reducing overall project cost and schedule while maintaining the optimum level of quality. Typically, we meet to determine where you are in your process of defining the project. Then we find out what your objectives are for preconstruction and what questions/issues you need to resolve. ICPE then assesses the level of effort required to get to the next steps of the process and the level of accuracy you require. The level of accuracy will determine the extent of preliminary engineering necessary to achieve the anticipated cost estimate. Preliminary engineering starts at the beginning and may take the design 15% to 50% down the road depending on the level of accuracy required for the cost estimate. ICPE will define the deliverables needed to get you to the determined point and the time frame required to do so. 

Our design and construction professionals coordinate the important factors that make the preconstruction effort a success, including:

  • Identifying project definition and cost as early as possible

  • Optimizing the preliminary site plan developed in the assessment phase

  • Identifying and correcting for constructability issues from the very beginning with multiple site and design constructability reviews

  • Identifying and acting upon design, permitting and procurement issues that can impact the overall construction schedule and budget

  • Identifying and incorporating value engineering elements related to the overall project, including: building design, utilities, equipment sizing, electrical distribution, controls and instrumentation simplification, process equipment layout, and optimized pipe routing

The main outcome of the preconstruction services is a project scope, schedule and cost estimate for your use. The preconstruction process is useful to evaluate the constructability of the project and identify opportunities for value engineering. Based on your requirements for the cost estimate, ICPE can provide any or all of the following deliverables:

  • Project Scope

  • Project Execution Plan

  • Risk Analysis

  • Permitting Issues

  • Constructability Review

  • Cost Estimate (Equipment and Construction)

  • Cash Flow Curve

  • Integrated Project Schedule

  • Engineering Requirements

  • Evaluations, Options and Alternatives

  • Value Engineering

  • Basis of Design

  • Equipment List

  • Procurement Plan

  • PFDs and P&IDs

  • Site Plan and Site Evaluation

  • General Arrangement Drawings

  • Electrical (Loads, Single Line Diagram, Instrument List)

  • Balance of Plant (BOP) Requirements

  • Preliminary Design Documents

  • Client Documentation and Cost Requirements

Upon completion of preconstruction, you will be presented with the project scope, preliminary design deliverables (drawings, sketches, specs., etc.), a detailed cost estimate, an integrated project schedule, and an execution plan. A contracting approach and/or proposal for the complete project delivery may also be provided.

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