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For either existing and new systems, with a dedicated team ICPE can manage the overall critical piping assessment program for you including the scheduling/planning of future inspections and monitoring activities at your plant. We employ a multi-phased approach that can be tailored specifically to you and the needs of your plant(s). This approach results in cost-effective, high-value solutions for your projects. 

The phases of a complete pipe stress analysis for an existing system are as follows:

  • Phase I: Perform Validation Walkdown

  • Phase 2: Confirm the Position of the As-Found High Energy piping

  • Phase 3: Create Piping Stress Analysis Computer Models

  • Phase 4: Manage Non-destructive Examinations

  • Phase 5: Perform Walkdown/Assessment of High Energy Piping

  • Phase 6: Perform As-Found Piping Stress Analysis

  • Phase 7: Perform Updated Piping Stress Analysis

  • Phase 8: Prepare Engineering Report

Pipe Stress Analysis: Service
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