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ICPE can provide comprehensive construction management services throughout the entire lifecycle to yield the greatest possible benefits for coordinated and successfully delivered projects. Each client and each project are unique, so each project is approached differently. Our construction management begins with pre-construction planning and constructability during the conceptual and detailed design phase, with implementation of safety and quality control during construction through the final development of procedures and operational manuals for project startup, all customized to satisfy project parameters and to meet your expectations.

Construction management services that ICPE can provide and oversee include, but are not limited to:

Bidding documents and procurement; construction sequence and coordination; risk management and mitigation; site access plan; constructability; HAZOP reviews; contractor pre-qualification and selection; contract management; equipment/material coordination and management; scheduling; project controls; cost control; permitting; environmental compliance; field engineering; inspections and quality control; outage coordination; testing, start-up and commissioning; and project closeout. 

ICPE can provide innovative construction solutions to solve unique challenges associated with your projects. We are able to:

  • Reduce overall total installed costs

  • Deliver cost and schedule certainty

  • Minimize disruption to existing operations during construction

Our tailored project approach gives you the optimal level of service for your project needs. For larger complex projects, ICPE can provide construction managers augmented by support personnel and inspectors. For smaller projects, a senior inspector can observe and manage the progress of a single construction crew. 

Depending on project requirements, a construction manager’s duties could include:

  • Selecting and maintaining qualified staff for detailed inspection and documentation

  • Monitoring and progress reporting to keep the project schedule current

  • Documenting and implementing a construction management process and control system

  • Recording daily progress, providing weekly reports, tracking financial compliance, inspecting for quality control, managing claims, providing material control and safety/accident reporting and documenting the construction history for the project

  • Meeting regularly with the owner’s project management team and the contractor to review schedules, progress and issues of concern

ICPE brings cost confidence and expert construction management to each project, while minimizing claims. With our proactive approach to construction management, we successfully deliver predictable lower costs and schedule, improve quality and minimize construction claims.

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