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The most important thing we build is trust! Every day, ICPE personnel strive to develop and maintain your trust by getting the job done right.  It takes careful planning at every step to ensure a project's success.  We combine our extensive experience and proven processes with the latest technology from the very beginning of each project.

Laser Scanning

ICPE incorporates the latest 3D or LIDAR scanning into our engineering and design. LIDAR produces an accurate geometric model, in the form of a point cloud of an existing facility. The 3D point cloud is a very accurate digital record of existing objects or space for even the largest and most complex facilities.  ICPE converts this point cloud surface data into 2D or 3D CAD plans for complete packages of record drawing documentation. These powerful models can be used in multiple design situations before, during and after engineering activities, including evaluating alternative designs during the planning phase prior to construction. The point cloud saves you time and money by limiting manual measurements and costly repeat site visits.

3D Modeling

ICPE employs the use of the 3D CAD plans to evaluate the design and construction of buildings, infrastructure, and utilities.  Through this process, information is turned into insight and value is delivered at every step. Design, visualization, simulation, and collaboration enabled by the 3D CAD provides greater clarity for the project team throughout the delivery process.

Detailed 3D models provide instant feedback regarding location, cost, layout, energy, life cycle, cut and fill, and scheduling.  With this tool, working with the ICPE project team, you can visualize and analyze the project to make timely informed decisions.

ICPE’s multi-disciplinary teams work concurrently to build a detailed 3D digital model of each project facility, with each designer having a total view of what others are doing. This is particularly effective for complex process designs or in areas of limited space. Accurate, full-color models can be easily accessed by designers, engineers, and project managers.  The ability to visualize the design brings enormous benefits in designer productivity and the overall design quality.  All project deliverables are generated from a single, intelligent model.

The 3D design system provides overall efficiency in design through:

  • Assistance in the project approval process

  • Reduced interference

  • Improved process operation

  • Improved plant maintainability

  • Material take-off capability

  • Consistency of and adherence to design specifications

  • Reduced field installation/rework issues

Typical Uses of the 3D design include:

  • Site/Plant Verification. In the absence of, or in comparison to, existing drawings of a site or plant, the point cloud obtains or verifies dimensional information for equipment, structures, piping or field aspects

  • Conditional Dimensions. Scans taken during different conditions (e.g. hot/cold, active/inactive, load/no load) are used to create an accurate side-by-side geometric comparison of pipe, ducting, structural members or equipment

  • Before/After Illustrations. The point cloud can create an accurate and realistic comparison model of a project before construction and after the project is complete. It can also illustrate multiple options/iterations

  • Record Drawings. The point cloud of a completed design can assist with the creation or modification of record documentation

  • Safety. Objects and features at dangerous heights, in service conditions or difficult-to-reach locations can often be measured in a point cloud without endangering field personnel

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